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Find Out What's Happening in Toronto!

NightLive is the new hub for your nightlife. We connect you to your friends and city in an all new way. Ever run into issues finding a bar or club to go to? Wondering who will be there, or if it will be a busy night? With NightLive, you can see which friends have posted their attendance to bars and clubs in Toronto. NightLive also has a public feature where you can view general attendance to that venue on a given night!


The Hottest App On the Market

Paving the Way to an Easier Night Out

Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At NightLive , we wanted to change how people plan their night out, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform to show them the hottest venues for the night.


How It Works?

1. The bar feeds page will show you how many friends have posted their attendance to the given venue and how many users, other than friends, have confirmed attendance.

2. The friends and public buttons will then lead you to a page to view all the profiles of these individuals who have confirmed attendance.

3. By clicking on a bar’s tab, you will be lead to the bar page where you can click the “Going?” button to display your attendance to the venue.

4. A search button is available to search for your favourite venue or best friend. 

5. On a user’s profile page, their post to where they are going is also visibly available.

With NightLive, figuring out where to go with your friends has never been easier!

Stay connected and have an unforgettable night on us!


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